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Applying German best practice in Romania

Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L. (STM) is established as the headquarters of Steinbeis Network Romania. Following the transfer model of Steinbeis in Germany, STM enables researchers at Romanian universities to commercialize their knowledge. Beneficiaries are the enterprises which understand knowledge as the basis for innovation.

How to know about the markets? STM is working directly with industrial partners. A German investor is thinking about setting-up a factory in Romania? We know where, how and we provide comprehensive services to achieve the targets. A Romanian company wants to become innovative? Our team makes it possible.

The number of Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Romania will grow even it is not our target to establish a big number of Centers immediately. Universities, who are interested in establishing a competitive technology transfer are highly welcome to discuss with us. Benefit from being linked with a unique network of more than 1,000 Transfer Centers.

Our website shows you the structure and work of Steinbeis in Romania. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question or present your proposals, ideas and interests.

Director of Steinbeis Transfer Management,

Jürgen Raizner

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  • EUSDR: National Forum Romania November 5, 2018
    The Danube Region: building cohesion for a shared prosperity Romania’s National Coordinator Radu Gorincioi invited Jürgen Raizner to attend the launching event of the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDR. Continue reading The post EUSDR: National Forum Romania appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • DSPF Networking: Vienna October 31, 2018
    Networking in Vienna: for first time amazing videos of 12 ongoing DSPF projects were presented. Representatives of the projects met stakeholders and various officials of Danube institutions to discuss further actions. Continue reading   The post DSPF Networking: Vienna appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • Annual Forum EUSDR in Sofia October 19, 2018
    Intensive Networking in Sofia. Roxana Boboruta and Jürgen Raizner attend 7th Annual Forum in Sofia: Steinbeis project EEII is presented by DSPF. Bulgaria hands over Presidency of EUSDR to Romania. Preparations for an advanced EUSDR. Continue reading The post Annual Forum EUSDR in Sofia appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • CoDCR discusses further development October 18, 2018
    Extended Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR) meets in Sofia. There was a noticeable low participation of mayors. However, there is a clear commitment to strengthening capacities to develop projects by using existing facilities, e.g. the status of CoDCR as legal entity. CoDCR’s general secretariat in Bucharest supports new Romanian […]

Technology Transfer by Steinbeis

Steinbeis Early Birds. Duration: 2 min.

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Basis of Our Work

Operation of Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L. is based on the following principles:

Orientation towards the customer

We organize our project work in accordance with the customer’s interests. Satisfying Your needs is the objective of our activities.


As a leading consultant in the sphere of cooperation of enterprises in countries of Eastern and Western Europe, we must possess wider and deeper knowledge in the sphere of our specialization. We would like you to rely on our knowledge and experience.


Conceptions and solutions, developed by us, are closely connected to practical activity. Feasibility is a key factor, which determines the project’s success.


In the course of project development, we observe absolute privacy and confidentiality. We communicate to the third party no more than the information, publicly announced by the customer.