Steinbeis Transfer Management SRL

To strengthen competitiveness of Romanian enterprises is the major success factor for economic growth of the country. STM is established to link a proven model of economic promotion (Steinbeis Model) with the needs of a country that is in transition process from efficiency driven to innovation driven economy.

Romanian industry has to become innovative. Enterprises who understood the changes on the marked faces a grand challenge: to replace the business model that was based on low-cost manufacturing by manufacturing innovative products that are put on national and international market, worth to be labelled “Made in Romania”.

STM in Bucharest is headquarter of a growing network of Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Romania. But STM is also contributing to the development of a business friendly environment in Romania. And, as STM was founded 2005 already, we continue supporting the German-Romanian collaboration in doing business.


Palais Ghica Victoria

STM belongs to Steinbeis Network and applies the transfer model which is based on more than 40 years successful technology transfer

– in Baden-Württemberg, in Germany and worldwide.

Going International

Steinbeis Network is your partner all over the world.

STM connects.

Steinbeis locations worldwide:

Australia, Austria, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.

Facts of the entire network (as of 31.12.2017):

  • 1,072 Steinbeis Enterprises
  • 704 Professors + 1,899 employees + 3,606 contractors
  • total turnover 162 Mio. €

Steinbeis Transfer Centers in RomaniaA growing network

STC Alba Iulia

Promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and more technologies.

STC Bucharest

The center of excellence for managing technology transfer in Romania.

STC Cluj-Napoca

Life Sciences: healthy and secure food. Made in Romania.