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Steinbeis Romania Blog gives an introduction to the processes of doing international business. Here you see latest news on our project work, initiatives to foster technology transfer and what events we are going to join or to organise. You also find updated information on business opportunities, which are based on our projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us for discussing how to work on the various subjects together.

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  • EUSDR: National Forum Romania November 5, 2018
    The Danube Region: building cohesion for a shared prosperity Romania’s National Coordinator Radu Gorincioi invited Jürgen Raizner to attend the launching event of the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDR. Continue reading The post EUSDR: National Forum Romania appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • DSPF Networking: Vienna October 31, 2018
    Networking in Vienna: for first time amazing videos of 12 ongoing DSPF projects were presented. Representatives of the projects met stakeholders and various officials of Danube institutions to discuss further actions. Continue reading   The post DSPF Networking: Vienna appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • Annual Forum EUSDR in Sofia October 19, 2018
    Intensive Networking in Sofia. Roxana Boboruta and Jürgen Raizner attend 7th Annual Forum in Sofia: Steinbeis project EEII is presented by DSPF. Bulgaria hands over Presidency of EUSDR to Romania. Preparations for an advanced EUSDR. Continue reading The post Annual Forum EUSDR in Sofia appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • CoDCR discusses further development October 18, 2018
    Extended Executive Committee of the Council of Danube Cities and Regions (CoDCR) meets in Sofia. There was a noticeable low participation of mayors. However, there is a clear commitment to strengthening capacities to develop projects by using existing facilities, e.g. the status of CoDCR as legal entity. CoDCR’s general secretariat in Bucharest supports new Romanian […]
  • Early Innovators: Uzhgorod October 16, 2018
    16.10.2018, Uzhgorod: Project Partner and Steinbeis location in Ukraine. Hosting event of European Early Innovators Innitiative. Young researchers present impressive proposals. Continue reading The post Early Innovators: Uzhgorod appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • Early Innovators: Kosice October 15, 2018
    15.10.2018, Kosice: Early Innovators meeting took place in Slovakia to bring knowledge on entrepreneurship to young scientists. Another major step in European Early Innovators Innitiative. We thank our project partner NGO Common Regions for bringing the right people together. Continue reading   The post Early Innovators: Kosice appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • Interreg: National Information Day October 11, 2018
    11.10.2018, Stuttgart: Updates on the new Call in Danube Transnational Program as well as in program for Alpine Space are presented by heads of contact points of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Launching next Call in DTP is announced for end of 2018. Documents will be available next week already what allows to start preparing applications for […]
  • After “Unity Day” Party 2018 October 4, 2018
    04.10.2018, Bucharest: Steinbeis Romania is co-organizer of a great event what brings a lot of people together for networking and for having fun. More than business. With “Wiesensteiger Straßenmusikanten” in Bucharest. An example of German civil society. Continue reading The post After “Unity Day” Party 2018 appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • Start-UP Nation celebrates in Beraria H September 27, 2018
    The success of Start-Up Nation is a real reason for celebrations. The Club meeting in Beraria H brings a huge number of participants, entrepreneurs and supporting organisations together: plenty of new contacts for the European Early Innovators Initiative of Steinbeis Romania. The post Start-UP Nation celebrates in Beraria H appeared first on Steinbeis Romania. News..
  • EEII issues “Guide for Young Entrepreneurs: Available Facilities and Success Stories” September 19, 2018
    The document shows existing programs and facilities what young entrepreneurs and researchers in Danube Region can benefit from. About content: start-up initiatives, funding opportunities, networks and much more. Project Partners of EEII issue the Guide as a result of an extensive desk research, executed March-June 2018. The analysis creates also the knowledge base for presenting […]