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Jürgen Raizner
Professional. Passionate. Powerful.

From Western Germany to Eastern Europe. Since 1991.

How to be a reliable partner in doing international business? Basis is a profound understanding of the target region. Frequent work sessions on site are a must. My personal availabilty is a proven success factor.

“Success is possible. In whole Europe.”

Entrepreneurship is more than doing business. We work towards a business friendly environment in Central and Eastern Europe.Tackling grand societal challenges is in focus of our action. But: any project must result in a real and concrete benefit for our customers. Nothing is more successful than success.

Steinbeis Transfer Management S.R.L.

General Manager since 2005.

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Ost-West-Kooperationen

Director since 1994.

Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Steinbeis-Donau-Zentrum

Director since 2011.

University Nürtingen-Geislingen (www.hfwu.de)

Lecturer since 2001.

Bachelor degree program Applied Economics. Seminar Project Managment.

2013 awarded with the Medal of Honor of HfWU.

Memberships and Functions

  • Co-leader of Working Group “Innovtion and Technology Transfer” in Danube Region (established in PA 8 of EUSDR)
  • Member of bilateral Mixed Governmental Commissions of Baden-Württemberg with Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Serbia


  • economist; dipoma in corporate management and logistics; graduated 1993
  • self-employed entrepreneur
  • Swabian, born in Stuttgart region

Updating Knowledge

Lifelong learning in practice: Jürgen Raizner invests in strengthening his competences. Every year he attends to several trainings for entrepreneurs and for professors in order to ensure most competitive capabilities in achieving the targets of Steinbeis’ customers.

Jürgen Raizner is Steinbeis’s Certified Consultant!

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