Success Oriented Services

Towards Sustainable Success

Our transfer center activities are focused on your individual requirements. Together with you we will hold a comprehensive discussion regarding the goals you wish to achieve. From these considerations we will develop an appropriate conception.
We will fairly determine operational procedures and the range of services and coordinate these issues with you before a project starts. This way it will be made clear for you how we achieve the desired results.
Our range of services goes far beyond ordinary consultations. We don’t merely tell you what to do. We are more likely to take an active part in joint work on your project – purposefully and efficiently.
Due to the fact that the needs of Romanian and foreign companies differ, we will demonstrate our offer of services in two directions: services for Romanian enterprises and services for foreign enterprises.

Excellence Network for Transnational Collaboration, Strengthening Competitiveness and Doing Business.

Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Romania are linked with Steinbeis Enterprises in Germany and many other countries.

Dates and Facts


The Steinbeis Network: 1,759 employees and 3,612 contractors. Steinbeis Enterprises employed a total of 730 professors in 2015.


Steinbeis Enterprises achieved a total turnover of 146,1 million euros in 2015.


More than 9,000 customers per year; in all branches of industry and trade, from small to large organizations, private and state institutions, individuals.