East-West cooperation: Emirate of Ajman

Ajman – a small emirate with enormous cooperation opportunities

Dubai is well known. Little is known about the neighbouring emirate of Ajman. The Steinbeis team, co-organiser of DanubeDay Dubai, accepted the invitation of local partners to visit Ajman. The meeting with the chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its management took place on 07.03.2022. The chamber serves more than 30,000 member companies. The expansion of international trade relations is aimed at. Investments in infrastructure are planned. A great need for qualification measures is reported. An innovation centre is under construction. The Centre for Social Responsibility is now an important part of the Chamber. Both show interest in the example projects presented by Jürgen Raizner and Roxana Boboruta on building a start-up strategy in Azerbaijan and the Early Innovators Programme for the Danube Region. It was agreed to deepen the very positive initial discussion as soon as possible.

For German and Austrian companies: Ajman, as a gateway to the United Arab Emirates, can facilitate entry into the growth market. Close to the decision-makers in Dubai. Sufficiently far away from the high-priced location.

A short video on the visit to Ajman.