With great pleasure we work for you!

Fostering the collaboration between West and East Europe is central concern of our Steinbeis Danube Center.

Our service are helpful for enterprises that are experienced in Central and Eastern Europe as well as those who are new in the Region. Further thematic priorities of our work for you are the development of manufacturing capacities as well as the implementation of Research&Development or Engineering services from CEE. Basis of the project work are feasibility studies, country analysis and Evaluation reports on Business opportunities that we elaborate for our customers. Our customers are SME as well as large Enterprises – of any industrial sector.

Doing succesful business in CEE is a challenge. However, a good success is possible. Use our offices in Romania and Ukraine. But we are also well represented in all the other countries.

STM in Europe
STM in Europe

Market development

We will offer you a wide range of services aimed at Eastern Europe markets development. In this regard we can speak about Eastern Europe both as a distribution area and the market for procurement of materials, goods and services. We will give you our advisory opinion with regard to you chances and the right development strategy as well as actively work on your project together with you. What is really important for us is your evident success after the project implementation: one of your sales partners that we helped you to find, access to serious customers, contacts with qualified suppliers and so on.

Formation of foreign manufacturing

For you,  being an Austrian manufacturer, it is more and more necessary to follow your clients to Eastern Europe. We will help you with the selection of the most suitable location, search for a partner and choosing the right strategy in good time. The proposal on the formation of foreign manufacturing to save expenses is still very attractive. We will readily implement such projects for you as well.

Consultations on foreign economic activities

We will explain to you which projects are actually feasible in Central and Eastern Europe and which are not. Thanks to our long-term experience of working on projects in the East we can show you the individual possibilities for your business.  On this basis we will work out the right solutions for you.

Staff recruitment

We will engage the best managers for you to work in Eastern Europe – either from German-speaking countries or from among the natives. Moreover, we offer solutions for professional training of local specialists.