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Examples of our work for German customers:

  • Russian market development: search for sales partners for complex industrial machinery manufacturers
  • Search for suppliers: manufacture of children’s car seat covers in Romania
  • Collection of the data on expenses for the future St. Petersburg factory production site
  • Creation of the modern sheet molding production in Romania: search for a production site and a partner for the German investor
  • Investigation of short-term and long-term purchase opportunities in the countries of Eastern Europe
  • Search for a candidate for the vacant position of a director of a new production unit in Romania
  • Search for a partner for the plastic molded pieces manufacture in Slovakia
  • Production in Romania: search for a production site and a partner for the German automobile machinery supplier
  • Russia as the trading area: opportunities analysis for the German tools and moulds manufacturer
  • Analysis of Ukraine as a market for component parts purchasing (automobile industry, electrical engineering)
  • Search and selection of switch cabinet supplier companies in Romania
  • Household appliances: search and selection of partners for the production of small electrical accessories in Slovakia and Romania
  • Aerospace industry: search and selection of a partner for engineering services in Poland and Romania
  • Search for sales partners in Romania: development of the used machines market
  • Comparative analysis of the countries: Evaluation of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine as being suitable for localization of the manufacture
  • Evaluation of the Romanian market: search and selection of a distribution partner for selling German watches