Meeting with Mr. Bode, Vice-President of the Parliament

Energy Dialogue: Advancing Partnership between Romania and Baden-Wuerttemberg

Parliament | Bucharest | 12.10.2023

In a significant meeting that further solidifies the strong partnership between Romania and Germany, Mr. Lucian Bode, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies from Romanian Parliament and former minister with 3 different portfolios (Internal Affairs, Economy and Transportation),  welcomed our delegation. Led by Secretary of State Andre Baumann of the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection, and Energy Sector in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the delegation engaged in intensive political dialogue, discussing a broad spectrum of shared interests from economic collaboration to environmental and renewable energy initiatives, all rooted in common European values.

The talks were particularly focused on the thriving bilateral economic relationship with Baden-Wuerttemberg, with both parties expressing eagerness to push the boundaries in new technologies, digital transportation, and energy innovation, specifically at the municipal level. These discussions underlined the mutual goal of harnessing technological advancements to drive sustainable growth and prosperity in both regions.

The meeting also delved into pressing matters of the European security context, with Mr. Bode emphasizing Romania’s crucial contribution to the security framework of the European Union. The occasion was also used to articulate Romania’s appreciation for Germany’s consistent support for its Schengen accession aspirations, reflecting the depth of their mutual trust and cooperation.

A highlight of the gathering was the focus on Romania’s Hydrogen Law, which represents a significant stride towards innovative progress in the energy sector. The importance of involving communities in the process of adopting new measures was recognized as essential for ensuring the successful implementation of such policies.

In a move to guarantee the effective execution of the collaborative initiatives discussed, the Steinbeis team was present and will be responsible for overseeing the follow-up actions stemming from this meeting. Our involvement is a testament to the commitment to sustained and actionable dialogue between Romania and Germany.