Danube Environmental Forum 2013

27.-29.06.2013, Tulcea: A better environment for a better life. Representatives from government, business and research discuss how the EU Danube Strategy can help to improve the environmental situation. STM director Jürgen Raizner was invited by Edward Brafanof, the governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Another 150 experts accepted his invitations. Among them: Vladimir Sucha (Deputy Director General of the JRC), Prof. Heinz Trasch (former chairman of the Steinbeis-Foundation), Prof. Ruther-Mehlis (Institute of Urban and Regional Development), Florian Ballnus (PAC 6; Bavarian Ministry of the Environment).

Conclusion of Danube Environmental Forum: the preparation of environmental projects for the Danube Region is well advanced. Clearly visible is the better alignment of the proposed concepts with the actual needs. In this respect, the Danube strategy is very positive.

On occasion of Danube Environmental Forum, 1000 sturgeons were released by the participants into the Danube, in an attempt to repopulate the river with this endangered species.

Raizner at DEF: environmental projects need involvement of experts
JRC and Steinbeis: Sucha and Prof. Trasch in Tulcea
Prof. Ruther-Mehlis: urban planning for ensuring sustainability in Danube Region
Meeting again in Tulcea: Bartha,Trasch, Hera, Filipov, Raizner

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