Get your bus on time. But don’t waste your life time by waiting for!

Bus line 783 connects the city center of Bucharest with the international airport Henri Coanda. Departure is scheduled in a frequency of 40 minutes. Being a traveller you choose one of several bus stops – and you wait without knowing when exactly the next bus will come. Maybe one bus just left. Who has an idea about traffic in Romania knows that schedules of public transport cannot be matched. And: where exactly is the most suitable bus stop for me to enter line 783?

About 3,7 mio. tourists visit Budapest per year. Sightseeing by hop-on hop-off busses are attractive. Maps show the bus stops and the tours. Also online. But when exactly departes the next bus?

But not only travellers deserve smart solutions. Inhabitants of the cities appreciate the solutions to do their rides just in time.

The smart solution: TeqBuzz

Designed by the highly innovative start-up enterprise TeqBuzz, the GPS based application strengthen the attractiveness of using public transport in cities significantly. TeqBuzz – in collaboration with Steinbeis – elaborated a smart solution that is developed according the needs of the international markets. TeqBuzz is located in Darmstadt, Germany.

The reliable mobile tracking solution for public vehicles meets highest technical requirements.


  • European Space Agency: 3rd place
  • European Satellite Navigation Competition: Special Price (412 submissions from 40 countries)

TeqBuzz enables people to track passenger vehicles such as public and private buses in real-time. Therefore TeqBuzz develops affordable hardware (GPS + data link) and deploys them in to public vehicles like buses and trams, as well as develops software (backend platform, mobile apps, web portal) in order to track connected vehicles on users smart phones and on the web in real-time. By doing so

  • users can accurately organize their travel just on time – No more long waiting at bus stops – can save time & avoid stress.
  • operators can better manage their fleets and provide optimal service to the public.

Map and list view indicating the buses

Tabbing on any list item opens up a pop-up

Route of a bus line and its stops indicated with ETA (Early Time of Arrival)

Buses are moving on the map in real-time

Value to users:

  • Free of cost: TeqBuzz is free of cost to use
  • Save Time & Hassle
  • User can accurately organize travels just on time – no more long waiting at bus stands
  • Alerts can be set in order not to miss the bus
  • Mobile & website based tracking
  • Connections and transits can be aligned accurately
  • Can be extended to other services (trains, trams, ships)
  • Globally applicable: Tourists and visitors can easily commute using public transportation services by using TeqBuzz
  • Social travelling
  • Family and friends can track the vehicle of their loved one easily by a link shared via WhatsApp, SMS etc.
  • Group gathering: Meeting location setting, transit & real-time tracking of participants
  • Call a Bus: Passengers of low frequented areas/stops can demand a bus by one touch to pick them up

Value to partners:

  • Connected buses using TeqBuzz can attract more passengers than non-connected buses, since only connected buses will be visible for users on their devices
  • Operators can utilize fleets more efficiently
  • TeqBuzz’s technology can be used for passenger security (e.g. triggering alarm if vehicles deviate form routes)
  • Road safety: Continuously monitoring vehicle’s speed can lead to less accidents (as bus accidents are very often and cause extreme casualties in developing countries)
  • By avoiding traffic jams through better traffic guidance fleet operators can save fuel and hence money in long term perspective

Please do not hesitate to contact us for details!