Early Innovators PPP Meeting Uzhgorod

Uzhgorod, October 16th: Second Private-Public-Partnership event was focused on Biology, Medicine, Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Event was held in the premises of Uzhhorod National University – the biggest higher educational and research institution in Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine

The concept of this event was to link research with industry, by stimulating a target-oriented interaction among stakeholders and decision-makers from various regions. Funding opportunities coming from both public and private programs were presented to young entrepreneurs from Ukraine. Purpose of this event was to make young scientists aware of the existence of funding programs and analyze how best practice from Western regions can be adapted to current situation in Eastern Danube region. Foreign participants of the conference met with young entrepreneurs and scientists from Ukraine, who presented their startup projects. The discussions on further cooperation was held between EEII project partners and invited institutions.

EEII – the European Early Innovators Innitiative – is a project of Danube Strategic Project Fund with STM as lead partner.

Welcome remarks were made by Prof. Ihor Studeniak – Vice-Rector of Uzhhorod National University, who encouraged young researchers to explore the opportunities, which exist in Danube Region and are designed to support market-oriented research. Prof, Studeniak assured that Uzhhorod National University as a strategic project partner will continue to support the implementation of EEII. He also pointed out that the University is ready to become project partner in future European Early Innovators Program.

Next speaker, Mr. Jurgen Raizner – director of Steinbeis Romania – described Steinbeis business model in general and explained activities, which are performed in Danube Region. His presentation of EEII indicated benefits for invited stakeholders.

Mr. Mike Nagorkin, organizer of the EEII event in Ukraine, presented the results of the executed research on support infrastructure for young scientists. Mr. Nagorkin has also described the start-up competitions, conferences, innovation parks and funding programmes existing in Ukraine.

Project Partner Common Regions, represented by Mrs. Karolina Fortunenko, spoke about the start-up infrastructure in Slovakia. Ukrainian young entrepreneurs were encouraged to participate in the start-up competitions of Slovakia and use the facilities which exist in Slovakia – in just a few kilometer distance.

AREA Science Park was presented by Mrs. Sara Zanchiello by video conference. She spoke about the support, which will be provided to the young entrepreneurs from Ukraine, who has submitted their start-up ideas to the EEII project consortium.

Early Innovators Uzhgorod
Early Innovators Uzhgorod
Early Innovators Uzhgorod
Project Proposal Uzhgorod
Project Proposal Uzhgorod
Project Proposal Uzhgorod

Students and researchers from Ukraine presented five projects ideas:

  • Composition of essential oils with wide range of antimicrobial activity;
  • Artificial reality tourist guide;
  • Autonomous Injection Module Device;
  • Radiological monitoring test;
  • Remote monitoring system with elements of augmented reality

High potential is identified and 3 of the presented projects are pre-selected by Jürgen Raizner for further evaluation.

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