Expert Visits to Buildings

Experience Exchange on Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Stuttgart | 20.04.2023

Site Visits DAY 2: Best Practice Examples

An important part of the exchange of experiences was the visit to buildings. It is best to see on site how the concepts for increasing energy efficiency are implemented in practice. For the second day of the event, Steinbeis Danube Center has selected to best practice examples: the Uhland School in Stuttgart Rot and the construction site of a wooden house with 5 floors in Stuttgart Feuerbach.

Uhlandschule Stuttgart has been the first renovated energy-plus school in Europe. Since the completion of the building’s modernization in 2016, it has been generating more energy than it consumes. 150,000 kilowatt hours of electricity are fed into the public grid every year. The positive results are achieved through an optimal combination of insulation, photovoltaics and heat pumps. Sensors to control lighting and ventilation help optimizing energy consumption in the school building. During the tour of the building, the visitors were shown the numerous technical and structural features. But the costs were also worth mentioning. The pilot project required an investment of €20 million.

A wooden House with five floors is an example of a visionary approach of being low-emission, CO2-neutral and recyclable. The house is being built in the center of Stuttgart. Just during the visit, the last wooden elements for the fifth floor were being installed. The ceilings and walls of the apartments are made of untreated, dimensionally stable solid wood elements made of spruce and fir, produced according to the unique, patented and certified system of the South Tyrolean manufacturer holzius. A much smaller house has already been built in Romania using this method. There is great potential for many such climate-neutral buildings in Romania. And builders are also allowed to use their own wood.