Annual Forum EUSDR in Sofia

Steinbeis Transfer Management was represented by Jürgen Raizner and Ana Turcan at this key event of the 2018 EUSDR Presidency, Bulgaria and the European Commission, in cooperation with Danube Transnational Programme – 7th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy of the Danube Region in Sofia. The main focus of the event was on tourism development as a precondition to economic growth and territorial cohesion.

Important topics concerning measures to be taken for development and cultural heritage or which scientific tools are the most suitable for promoting European heritage and tourism in order to offer online and interactive access to cultural heritage for example, were put on high emphasis. Furthermore, issues related to qualifying the staff as a prerequisite for the development of tourism and or tourism infrastructure (improvement of Danube River navigation for example) to which suitable solutions would help to reach a sustainable tourism linked to European funds and investments, were approached as well.

Session dedicated to scientific research covered subjects like security in public spaces, safety and security in tourism, consequences from acts of terrorism in Europe and worldwide, vulnerability assessment and protection in public spaces and major events with international dimension.

Full sessions were also dedicated to on-going programs and most important projects in Danube region, synergy/interrelation of the EUSDR within the ESIF programs and also current and future implementation opportunities for EUSDR were approached for a better overview on Danube macro-region.

Within this great framework, representatives of Steinbeis Romania took the chance to promote European Early Innovators Innitiative project as a great contribution to diminish discrepancies in Danube region when it comes to research and innovation and, furthermore, explain the results of research on best practices to be implemented in future European Early Innovators Programs. More topics of networking in Sofia: business friendly environment for doing business in Danube Region, supporting female entrepreneurship and excellency in consultancy on various business areas.

Good to know:

  • 3rd Call in Danube Transnational Program is announced to be launched end of 2018. Application documents are available already.
  • DSPF Networking event will take place October 31st, 2018, in Vienna.
Minister Victor Negrescu and Jürgen Raizner in Sofia
Minister Victor Negrescu and Jürgen Raizner in Sofia
EC Commissioner Corina Cretu present her vision on an advanced EUSDR
Roxana Boboruta takes care.

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