Welcome! Your export to Germany

The following services are provided by our German office, the Steinbeis Transfer Center EAST-WEST Joint Ventures. STC is located in Stuttgart Region. Experiences show that it is an advantage to be introduced and recommended to potential German customers by a well known German institution.

Option: Austria

The same target oriented standard services are available for Austria. Responsible Partner is our office in Vienna, the Steinbeis Danube Center.


Your company and your offer will be presented on the Steinbeis Transfer Center website. STC will create for you a separate page on its site. The information will be displayed in the German language. Your company’s photo/logo and the link to your own website will be presented as well. The STC website is registered in numerous search engines and widely spread in the Internet.


The basic ToGer service is maintained. Presentation of a company and its line of goods is expanded to 3 to 4 pages. STC additionally assesses your company’s performance. On the basis of this assessment STC substantiates and gives well-defined recommendations regarding your chances for cooperation with German firms.


The ToGerPlus service is maintained. Beside your company’s presentation, analysis and recommendations, STC carries out the selection of potential customers and partners for cooperation in Germany. They receive a letter of recommendation from STC with your company’s description. The numbers of firms, to whom such offers will be sent, is negotiated with you.

What all the three service packages have in common is the fact that STC acts as a contact person for German customers.