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16th Global Supply Chain and Logistic Summit


Dubai, 23.11.2023: Steinbeis' presentation, titled "Navigating the Future: Innova...

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Experience Exchange on Energy Efficiency of Buildings


Stuttgart, 18.-21.04.23: 19 experts from Romania received an insight into methods...

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4th Parliamentary Hearing on nZEB Standards


Bucharest, 22.11.22: Thematic focus of the parliamentary hearing was the use of s...

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Global Supply Chain and Logistic Summit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dubai, 17.11.2022: Some insights from fostering EAST-WEST Cooperation. Juergen Raizner explain participatns the imp...

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Scientific Symposium "Deltas & Wetlands"


Tulcea, 02.06.2022: Jurgen Raizner speaks about technology transfer at the sympos...

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DanubeDay Dubai

06.03.2022: The Steinbeis team at EXPO DUBAI. As a partner of the Danube Macro Region Business Week and co-organiser o...

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nZEB Standards. Conference in Romanian Parliament


28.10.2021, Bucharest: the second edition of the conference "nZEB Standards - Ene...

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ifempower Winter School

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10th Meeting of the Joint Governmental Commission Baden-Wuerttemberg – Romania

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18.11.2020: representatives of ministries and invit...

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Jump to Smart

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Bucharest, 04/05.11.2020: What does a city need to ...

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