Doing Business in Romania | Services for Foregin Enterprises

Fostering the collaboration between Western and Eastern Europe is central concern of Steinbeis Transfer Management

Our range of services goes far beyond ordinary consultations. We do not merely tell you what to do. We are more likely to take an active part in joint work on your project – target oriented and efficient. You will see results of our work.

We support enterprises that are experienced in Central and Eastern Europe as well as those who are new in the region. Further thematic priorities of our work for you are the development of manufacturing capacities as well as the implementation of Research&Development or Engineering services from CEE. Basis of the project work are feasibility studies, country analysis and Evaluation reports on Business opportunities that we elaborate for our customers. Our customers are SME as well as large Enterprises – of any industrial sector.

Doing succesful business in CEE is a challenge. However, a good success is possible. Use our offices in Romania and Ukraine. But we are also well represented in all the other countries.

We offer you a wide range of services aimed at developing the Romanian market. In this regard we can speak about Romania both as a target region for distribution and as the market for procurement of materials, goods and services. We explain you what is possible – and also what is impossible. Whether you are interested in exporting or importing, what is really important for us is your evident success after the project implementation: having active distribution partners that we helped you to find, access to serious customers, contacts with qualified suppliers and so on.

Reasons to manufacture in Romania? It is a growing market. A lot of foreign investors established their factories in Romania – and they look for suppliers. Romania imports a lot of products, technologies and services. Who ever starts manufacturing in Romania is in advantage. Demand exist and we are more than happy to tell you the facts in detail.

We assist you in strategic decisisons: greenfield investment, brownfield? Alone or with a local partner? Our advices are based on facts. This means we elaborate a concept for you that takes into account your individual interests.

Romania is a large country. Differences exist depending of the regions, e.g. different culture, different climate – different infrastructure and different administrative support. Important is to find out the best place for an investment.

STM assists you in managing the challenges of manufacturing in Romania by taking care about: real estate, human ressources, suppliers, clients, business plans, licenses, funding. Idea is to provide comprehensive solutions to any question of establishing a succesful factory in Romania.

Outsourcing to Romania

Hiring Researchers or Engineers for work in Germany is an option. But why not doing the project work in Romania? Proper research infrastructure exists. Highly motivated and qualified scientific staff and engineers are available. Getting access to the research infrastructure is a challenge. Identifying professional partners for research and development is difficult. STM and its Transfer Centers help. You have the ideas, projects and certain requests. We provide the solutions.

Establishing an Engineering Center in Romania

A project based collaboration in R&D brings benefits. You can strengthen the impact by establishing your own Engineering Center or R&D department in Romania. To have your own facility in Romania is a significant investment and should be prepared in best way. Our STM elaborates a strategy, looks for the most suitable location and select professional employees. Individual solutions will be elaborated. See services “Investment”.


Engineers for work in Germany. The complete management or a number of skilled workers for your enterprise in Romania. We find the most suitable employees for you. Applied selection processes is efficient and transparent.


Developing and expanding skills and competences of your current or future employees will contribute significantly to your competitiveness. STM helps you by providing access to know-how and techniques through practical, business-related training and continuing professional development. The teaching methods revolve around actual requirements, ranging from seminars to workshops and in-house training.

Dual Education

Projects to implement the German success story into Romanian educational system started. We bring you in touch with the main actors and decision makers. Participate in the processes and benefit from young, highly motivated employees.

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