Mixed Governmental Commission Baden-Württemberg – Romania

Work Program 2016-2018 is agreed.

Jürgen Raizner, in his function as Director of Steinbeis Danube Center, participated at the meeting in Karlsruhe. Projects of Steinbeis Danube Center but also of Steinbeis Romania are accepted to put on the bilateral work program.

“The cooperation with Steinbeis Network in Baden-Wuerttemberg shall be continued, along the already-established and the new lines of action.”

(Protocol signed by Minister Costin Borc and Secretary of State Theresa Schopper)

Pic1_signing    Pic1_signed

Our projects in the work programme, developed together with strong partners in Romania:

  • Developing excellence centres for competitive meassures in city and regional development in Romania
  • Dynamic mapping of the entrepreneurial, industrial and innovative economic system in Romania
  • Developing tools to promote inovative entrepreneurship
  • Setting up and expanding Romanian training centres for technology transfer and innovation
  • Expanding Network of Steinbeis Transfer Centres in Romania

Our Steinbeis Center is invited for collaboration in additional 4 top level projects which were presented by the Romanian Delegation. A follow up will take place end of July in Bucharest.


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