A group of 5 Steinbeis Enterprises connects East and West.

For success in whole Europe.

Steinbeis Competence Group EAST-WEST is composed of 5 enterprises from which one is a non-profit unit. Group is coordinated by Jürgen Raizner, who founded the enterprises in order to foster synergies between EAST-WEST.


STC Ost-West-Kooperationen (EAST-WEST Joint Ventures), established 1994 in Stuttgart region, is specialized on managing international projects. Typical projects of this STC strengthen competitiveness of enterprises, foster university-industry collaboration in R&D and stimulate innovation. Regional priority in doing business is given on Central and Eastern Europe. To the business sector the STC makes available a profound knowledge of the markets and future demand in this region. Among business customers are large enterprises as well as SME.


Steinbeis Danube Center (SDC) in Vienna is top level service provider for doing business in all Europe. Vienna must be seen as the city where Central and Eastern European countries are well connected with decision makers from international business. SDC Austria has taken over all profit oriented operations from German Steinbeis Danube Center in 2016. And it is gate to do business in Austria.

SDC Austria

Steinbeis Danube Center (SDC) in Stuttgart is a non-profit institution. Founded in 2011, SDC supports the development of macro-regional partnerships and projects, organises events to support and implement the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). German SDC has proven experiences in designing and implementing pilot projects. Actions take place accross Priority Areas of EUSDR and also create links to other macro-regions.


Connecting East and West works best, when knowing the business environment in the region. After succesful project work in Romania for 10 years, STC director Jürgen Raizner founded Steinbeis Transfer Management in 2005. Based on a contract with Steinbeis in Germany, STM has the right to develop the network by founding Steinbeis Transfer Centers as legally dependent units of the STM. Details are shown on this website.


Located in Uzhhorod, Western Ukraine, Steinbeis Enterprise Ukraine is available for establishing business in direct neighbourhood to customers in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. Distance to borders is surprisingly short. A good relationship to Uzhhorod National University is established. Memorandum of Understanding is signed. STM Ukraine is a legal entity, founded in 2017.