Knowledge Society and EEII

Jürgen Raizner was invited to take part at the 16th Steering Group Meeting of Priority Area 7 (“Knowledge Society”) which was hosted by Serbian coordination team and took place in the Rectorate building of the University of Belgrade on November 22nd and 23rd, 2018.

Interesing for the Steering Group Members: the ongoing European Early Innovators Initiative (EEII).  Jürgen Raizner presented outputs and status of the project. EEII was designed to strengthen competitivness of enterprises (PA 8) but it contributes also to a stronger knowledge society in Danube Region.  SG members are invited to recommend project partners for the future European Early Innovators Program (EEIP) what is currently under construction.

Steering Group decided to revise the PA 7 action plan. Inputs from stakeholders are valueable. details

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