Trainings on nZEB Buildings

– examination and certification on Passive House Tradesperson (PHTP) standard –

Understanding and applying correctly the underlying principles of Passive House concept is an important step in the practical phase of construction near-zero energy buildings (nZEB).

The course was organised as a deliverable of the EDAPHIC-BLOOM Danube project. It includes two specialisations: „Building`s Envelope” and „Building`s Installations”. Participation in the course is free of charge since the costs are supported by the project funded through EUKI programme. The trainees can also participate in the examination session for certification by the Passive House Institute (optional). Passing the exam results in being qualified as “Certified Passive House Execution Professional” – “Certified Passive House Tredesperson”, awarded by PHI – with international recognition.

Training title

“Energy performance in buildings – transition to a low-carbon building stock: the near-zero energy (nZEB) buildings and major energy renovation from concept to practice”


During training was be presented general information on:

  • legal framework in the field of energy performance of buildings – EU (energy and climate policies, European directives) and the national regulatory framework;
  • definition of the nearly zero energy building (nZEB) concept and the principles to apply in construction of a nZEB building;
  • energy performance certification for buildings: what is the Building Performance Certificate (BPC); for what is it used and when should be applied for it, conditions for issuing the BPC;
  • energy audit for buildings (what is it, when should it be performed, differences and synergies to the BPC);
  • minimum energy performance requirements for the new and existing buildings.

Furthermore, there were introduced initiatives to promote nZEB buildings aimed to ensure an adequate level of market readiness to reach an efficient transition to a low-carbon buildings stock.

Structure of the training

Impressions on nZEB training on July 2022, Bucharest