Learning Energy Efficiency Networks

LEEN in Romania

A strategic partnership. LEEN Germany and Steinbeis Romania:
Strengthening Competitiveness by increasing Energy Efficiency

Learning Energy Efficiency Networks (LEEN) have a strong positive impact on achieving the climate targets. Participating enterprises reduce the energy costs significantly – and by being member of a LEEN on a highly cost efficient way. The successful LEEN system is going to be implemented in Romania. Steinbeis Transfer Management Ltd. develops the LEEN in several Romanian regions.

Evaluations of existing LEEN in Germany showed that “companies cooperating in networks increase their efficiency twice as fast as the German industrial average.” This best practice from Germany – and Austria – is now available in Romania.

LEEN in Germany

The scientific evaluation of 30 networks in Germany identified approximately 4,000 profitable measures (average internal rate of return, IRR: about 35%; average payback period: about 3 years). Participants in Germany usually have annual operational energy costs of more than 500,000.- €. The evaluations showed that companies cooperating in networks increase their efficiency twice as fast as the German industrial average.

LEEN GmbH, founded 2009, is a joint venture between IREES GmbH and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. The Austrian office of LEEN is established in the city of Linz.

LEEN in practice

A typical LEEN comprises 10-15 enterprises which are located in a distance of maximum 150 km to each other. In Romania, the industry is pretty much concentrated on some geographic centers, e.g. Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, …. – an ideal situation for regional networking.

Network meetings take place at one of the participating companies. Expert lectures and an active exchange of information among participants are main components of the meetings. Consultant engineers identify and assess the saving potential in the member companies. Site inspections of all companies are part of the energy review. Main topic to be answered: how to save energy in the most cost-effective way. Learning what measures are successfully implemented by another participating company is a key success factor. Each network agrees individual energy efficiency and CO2 reduction targets – jointly by the participants according their specific situation.

LEEN in Romania

Steinbeis Transfer Management – the Steinbeis Network Romania – is bringing LEEN to Romania. Regional networks of participating enterprises are under construction. If you want to join the initiative, please do not hesitate to contact our STM head office in Bucharest.