General structure of a regional LEEN in Romania

A LEEN is build up by a partnership of 3 actors:

  • Network Carrier
  • Moderators and Consulting Engineers
  • Members


Network Carrier: Steinbeis Romania

Steinbeis Transfer Management S.r.l. Bucharest (STM) as the Network Carrier takes the lead and manage all contractual and administrative activities with the Energy Efficiency Network actors. Steinbeis Romania supports the adaptation of the toolsets and software to the Romanian market. STM also takes care of communicating the information on the network’s contribution to genuine environmental protection in a way that appeals to the public and boosts the network’s image.

Moderators and consultant engineers

STM subcontracts moderators and consulting engineers who support the LEEN Brasov and its members. To ensure the high quality of services for the Energy Efficiency Network members, those experts are certified following to an intense training program and knowledge transfer from LEEN experts.

The consultant engineer carries out the energy review and the monitoring. Consultant engineers have sound experience in providing energy consultancy services for the industrial sector. The consultant engineer has a holistic approach to energy flows within a plant and names technically and economically evaluated optimization measures, from which the companies’ savings potentials are derived.

A professional moderator is introduced in addition to the consulting engineers as a second neutral person. The moderator conducts the network meetings, prepares and follows them up, and informs the companies. The moderator is the contact partner for the companies and promotes the direct exchange of experiences among the network participants.

Members: contractual partners

Enterprises and institutions in region Brasov can become members and main beneficiaries of LEEN. The members cooperate actively in the Network and, in particular, share their experiences concerning energy efficiency measures already implemented and their economic efficiency. The member agrees to organize at least one network meeting including a plant tour. It shall provide the necessary data concerning energy, plant/systems and production for the energy review and for the annual monitoring. A joint site inspection shall be arranged for the energy review.

Each member receives the energy review report immediately. It will be made available exclusively to the member by the Network Carrier.

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