Steinbeis Consulting for Corporate Positioning

How to escape the spiral of interchangeability and pricing discussions

Romanian industry is highly productive. Companies stand out for their long-term loyalty to a few select contractors. What does this mean? Romanian companies COULD do everything, yet they were unable to attract new orders from new, lucrative markets.

To successfully position yourself in these markets, you need to stand out from the competition and elevate your brand from the crowd of production companies. The only way to do so is with a unique selling proposition. For you, this means two main things: The right product for the right customer.

Positioning focuses on the following questions: What are the needs of your target clients? What specifically can you offer to meet these needs? And: How can you communicate this offer to the market?

Core positioning element #1: Your target market.

Your target market is still too broad. To increase your margins efficiently, you need to determine what part of that market is the most lucrative. This market can then be worked on with very low sales resources and marketing expenses.


Core positioning element #2: Your product

Find out what your future customers will need most urgently , and escape the spiral of interchangeability and pricing discussions: Develop a product or service that answers exactly these urgent needs and create a unique benefit for your future customer. You can be sure that they will be willing to pay a good price to receive that benefit

“If you cannot differentiate yourself based on a perfect fitting product benefit, all you will have is the worst sales argument fo all: the price.“

Steinbeis brings a smart method to Romania. What is the idea behind?

Positioning is one of the most effective business strategies there are. It helps companies to focus their work on value-generating, future-proof, and market-oriented measures in just a few days.

Together we will leave behind the outdated approach of looking at the market from a manufacturer’s perspective. You will learn to place questions about the problems, goals, and needs of of your target market in focus, which will help you discover your unique selling proposition (USP).

Claudia Franz, Professional Consulting and Extensive Experience

If you’re working to improve your company and thinking about the right positioning, you need a responsible professional who can deploy her experience and specialist expertise for you.

“My 25 years in management positions in Marketing and Sales, and my certification by the Sawtschenko Positioning Academy make me a specialist in brand positioning and corporate communication. In highly-efficient two to four- day workshops focused on ResonanceEnergyPositioning, I will guide you to results that will position your brand in the optimal market segment and secure that position for the future.”

Opportunity: Mrs. Franz will come to Bucharest for personal discussion

Business development is a subject to be discussed in person. Mrs. Franz will visit Steinbeis Romania in September. Interested entrepreneurs are welcome to send us an expression of interest to meet Mrs. Franz.

Attend an introduction workshop at head office of Steinbeis Network Romania. Or let us organise an individual meeting at your place.

“Solving your customers’ problems, means solving your owns at the same time.“