Public funded projects

Horizon, Erasmus and others.

Project preparation
  • designing projects and elaborating applications to public funded programs
  • creating consotia, involving sutiable partners
Project management
  • taking over responsibility for work packages or task
  • reporting according EU standards
  • establishing procedures for quality assurance
Project implementation
  • providing trainings

Topics of trainings depend on objectives of the project. Thematic priorities of STM refer to entrepreneurship, competitiveness, dual education and innovation. General purpose of the trainings aims to achieve synergies between research and business sectors.

  • organising conferences, workshops

20 participants or 400. On invitation only or public. STM is able to provide necessary services to organise project related events in a highly professional way.  Suitable speakers will be recruited.

  • project work

Target oriented measures will be provided according agreed project plan. Contribution of STM can include actions, chosen from complete variety of services.

In general, STM makes available European best practice in strengthening competitiveness of enterprises, in promoting entrepreneurial thinking of researchers, in establishing programs to support SME sector and in vocational educational training according dual system.

Special attention we give on creating of a business friendly environment.

Communication and dissemination activities
  • create, design and maintain project website

Website will be designed by using WordPress tools and by following EU regulations related to image processing

  • social media communication

Project progress related articles will be promoted also through social media traditional channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, alternatives to these networks if in partner countries exist and are popular such alternatives (e.g. in Russia, alternative to Facebook is VKontakte; in Germany, alternative to LinkedIn is XING). A list with social media channels will be prepared in advance and dedicated page to the project will be established.

  • use of Steinbeis publications

Steinbeis Transfer Magazin is available in both on-line and printed version; in two languages: German and English (online only).

  • use of Steinbeis Network

connecting consortium and project partners with other Steinbeis Transfer Centers; more than 1,000 centers for knowledge and technology transfer belong to Steinbeis network