Working for Your success | Our Approach

“Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. Central to all projects we work on: the success of our clients, co-workers and partners.”

To strengthen competitiveness of Romanian enterprises is the major success factor for economic growth of the country. STM is established to link a proven model of economic promotion (Steinbeis Model) with the needs of a country that is in transition process from efficiency driven to innovation driven economy.


Romanian industry has to become more innovative. Enterprises who understood the changes on the market faces a grand challenge: to replace the business model that was based on low-cost manufacturing by manufacturing innovative products that are put on national and international market, worth to be labelled “Made in Romania”.


STM in Bucharest is headquarter of a growing network of Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Romania. But STM is also contributing to the development of a business friendly environment in Romania. And, as STM was founded 2005 already, we continue supporting the German-Romanian collaboration in doing business.

Towards Sustainable Success

Our Transfer Center activities are focused on your individual requirements. Together with you we will hold a comprehensive discussion regarding the goals you wish to achieve. From these considerations we will develop an appropriate conception. We will fairly determine operational procedures and the range of services and coordinate these issues with you before a project starts. This way it will be made clear for you how we achieve the desired results. Our range of services goes far beyond ordinary consultations. We don’t merely tell you what to do. We are more likely to take an active part in joint work on your project – purposefully and efficiently.

Operation of Steinbeis Transfer Managment and the Steinbeis Network Romania is based on the following principles:

  • Orientation towards the customer
    We organize our project work in accordance with the customer’s interests. Satisfying Your needs is the objective of our activities.
  • Competence
    As a leading consultant in the developing business relationships between Eastern and Western Europe, we must possess wider and deeper knowledge in the sphere of our specialization, than our customers and, particularly, our competitors. We would like you to rely on our competences and experiences.
  • Efficiency
    Conceptions and solutions, developed by us, are closely connected to practical activity. Feasibility is a key factor, which determines the project’s success.
  • Confidentiality
    In the course of project development, we observe absolute privacy and confidentiality. We communicate to the third party no more than the information, publicly announced by the customer.

Principles of implementing a technology transfer model in Romania:

  1. Use of existing R&D infrastructure
  2. Benefit for the customer
  3. The interface state – economy
  4. Availability
  5. Adaptability
  6. Holistic approach
  7. Decentralization and flat hierarchy
  8. Simple organization
  9. Internationalization
  10. Financial independence