Synergies for Success in Europe

We know the industry in Central and Eastern Europe. During our systematic search for suppliers we got in touch with thousands of manufacturers. Such projects are basis for our contribution to regional development and economic promotion. A profund understanding of the performance and capabilities of enterprises – and of their needs – allows to develop suitable actions which are target oriented towards a business friendly environment. Our work results in knowledge of the future markets, insights on upcomming business opportunities, usefull contacts to decision makers in public administration and governments – and all this we make available to our customers.  Our Approach


Offer for Romanian Enterprises

STM is prepared to provide full services what we group in 4 categories:

  • Improvement; e.g. enterprise competencies, human ressources development, energy efficiency, …
  • International; e.g. promoting export, supporting import, …
  • Innovation; e.g. accessing funding opportunities, technology transfer, …
  • Investment; e.g. search for investors, feasibility studies, …

Services in detail

Offer for Foreign Enterprises

Romania is an attractive location for doing business. STM helps to be succesful with

  • export/import; e.g. finding distribution partners or suppliers, market analysis, …
  • manufacturing; e.g. green-/brownfield investment, feasibility studies, direct investment
  • research & development; e.g. engineering
  • human ressources; e.g. recruitment (executive level, engineers), qualification, promoting dual education

Services in detail


Economic Promotion for a Business Friendly Environment

STM is committed to macro-regional development, economic growth and sustainable business. Therefore we provide comprehensive services, for instance

  • organisation of workshops and conferences on entrepreneurship and business related subjects
  • designing and implementing public funded projects
  • elaborating concepts and strategies for SME support, innovation and internationalization

Services in detail