Is Moldova ready for Technology Transfer?

Republic of Moldova is doing good progress in developing the Smart Specialization Strategy for the country (more). Our Steinbeis Center helps Moldovian companies ot become more innovative and competitieve on the market. There are series of funding opportunities for enterprises making technology transfer becomming demand driven. This is the approach of Steinbeis. Experiences show that in many cases the enterprises do not know what to look for. And, particularly in industry, the enterprises need to be able to uptake new technologies and to transform it into new products. All these processes we can support. This can be done in workshops for a group of enterprises, or by individual coaching – both of course in combination with actions to stimulate the internationalization. Important is to understand the competences of the enterprise and to elaborate a suitable strategy for becoming innovative. This must be done together with research institutions and a Steinbeis Center that acts as professional link for transfering technologies and knowledge.

Regarding the industrial sector our Steinbeis Danube Center is open. For example, there is a strong interest in energy efficiency in Moldova. Steinbeis Danube Center has developed suitable competences to focus on this subject. In support action Danube-INCO.NET our Steinbeis Danube Center has established a strong linkage to the PA 8 working group Environmental Technologies and Energy Efficiency. In Romania SDC represents the Learning Energy Efficiency Network (a success story from Germany) and of course exist good access to the providers of technologies and services.

As our Transfer Centers are in located in Austria and Germany, we can assist Start-ups and SMEs in finding customers in both countries (SDC standart services for SME).We are ready to support you also with the following services: feasibility studies, strategic planning, executing an enterprise competence check what results in a report on your SME; the report can be used also for future discussions with banks, . investors, business partners. Some examples of SME what we currently support are published.

The way to success is internationalization! The way to success is to exchange the best practices, not to reinvent existing sustainable solutions!