Steinbeis Transfer Center Business Development

Director: Jürgen Raizner

Nicolae Iorga str. 1-5, 010431, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Phone: +40-762-273311
Fax: +40-31-7107310


  • consulting
  • business development
  • export promotion
  • product development
  • training and qualification
  • coaching entrepreneurs
  • networking

Key Areas

  • for any industrial sector:
    – foreign trade
    – international competitiveness
    – product development
    – funding opportunities
  • seminars and training programs
    – innovation management
    – project management
    – business development

STC Innovation Management is fully integrated in the work of STM. It is the operational unit for providing specialized services to Romanian enterprises. 

STC Innovation Management – The consultancy unit of STM

Independent from a hosting university, STC Innovation Management is to be understood as a consultancy center for promoting innovation in Romania. The STC supports Romanian enterprises in becomming competitive. The source of knowledge is unique: the comprehensive experience of 20 years doing succesful business in Romania – and in all Central and Eastern Europe.