Steinbeis Engineering Day 2017

Smart manufacturing connectivity, industrial field sensors, micro test beds, industry 4.0 production performance management, communication and control for microgrid applications, data glasses – are only some of the new era subjects presented and described at the Steinbeis Engineering Day organized by the Steinbeis Foundation in Stuttgart. Steinbeis Donau Zentrum Directors Ana Turcan and Jürgen Raizner were present to get the latest information on producers and developers of the new generation products which are integrated into the industrial production market already. Once more Steinbeis has proven the top status of being a leading promoter of innovation. Through our network, we are always updated on latest technologies. This way, we make possible that the latest technologies make your life easier. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you want to fill in the gap between you and the Industry 4.0.

Steinbeis colleague Dr. Somalingam presents his Android based applications on Augmented Reality Smart Glasses to Ana Turcan

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