2nd Industry Conference

Transfer Platform BW Industry 4.0

– Digitization and Artificial Intelligence for SME  –

Stuttgart, 28.11.2022: Prof. Adrian Pisla and Juergen Raizner attended together the 2nd Industry Conference of the Transfer Platform BW Industry 4.0 (TPBW I4.0). The event provided insights into successfully implemented projects. This was exactly the intention of the organisers: to show that AI can be used by SMEs. Especially for SME it is often difficult to getting started and implementing AI in day-to-day business. More than that. The ideas for using AI have to come from industry.

And it was very interesting to learn about a start-up solution from Ukraine: The Intelligent Container and Warehouse System, presented by Tetyana Izmailova, is promising.

The Transfer Platform Baden-Wuerttemberg Industry 4.0

Universities Aalen, Reutlingen and Esslingen, together with Steinbeis Foundation, jointly established the TPBW I4.0. The Platform receives financial support financial support from Baden-Wuerttemberg Minsitry of Economics. 

Main areas of competence:

  • Smart factory data and simulation
  • Augmented and vurtual reality methods in mechanical engineering
  • Cloud technologies and IoT infrastracture
  • Intelligent sensors and actuators
  • IT security in industry
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintanance
  • Business models and potential benefits
  • Human-Machine Collaboration

Steinbeis Romania meets Steinbeis Germany

Top level networking in Stuttgart: Claus Schmiedel (Director Innovation and Globalization, Steinbeis University), Prof. Michael Auer (Chairman Steinbeis-Foundation), Prof. Adrian Pisla (Director STC EMSEC), Jürgen Raizner (Managing Director Steinbeis Romania), Thomas Scherer (Steinbeis Enterprises Life Cycle Management)