The new trading platform is online now

Recytrader simplifies trade with waste and secondary raw material and makes it more profitable. This new trading portal is now available in Austria and Germany. Compared with formerly introduced and less successful trading platforms in Germany, important improvements have been made. The platform is optimized for intra-national trade as well as for cross-border transactions. There is a great demand for valuable materials in Austria and Germany. Quantities of import are well above exports. Steinbeis Danube Center recommends to use Recytrader for the purchase and sale of waste and secondary raw materials of all kinds.

The trading platform Recytrades was founded and developed in Hungary. This is the reason, why currently most of the listed offers and inquiries are from Hungary. As a user from Austria or Germany you can get quick access to the Hungarian market. As soon as you enter your own interests into the auctions, buyers or sellers not only from Hungary can react. The domestic trade is possible directly. Our Steinbeis Danube Center as well as the German STC EAST-WEST Joint Ventures support the operators of Recytrade in expanding the number of users in Austria and Germany. Our support increases also your chances to find buyers or sellers.

NEW: A helpful tool is added to Recytrader. This component is particularly interesting for those companies who offer frequently large quantities of waste or secondary raw materials. Framework contracts for one or several years can be agreed online. This service is available for registered and contracted users.


Simple. Transparent. Safe.

The online trading by Recytrader complies with European standards. Registration as a user as well as the posting of offers and requests are free of charge. A  fee is payable only after a transaction is concluded – in form of a previoiusly calculated commission. Direct access to the trading platform is given. Our Transfer Center is at your disposal for any interest or questions.

The procedures for the initial set-up of a user account and to participate in the auctions are described on the website Recytrader. Individual settings, such as the requirements for automatic notification of relevant business opportunities can be selected. Transport costs can be shown – calculated on the basis of your prefered means of transport.

Founder and operator of the platform is the Hungarian enterprise Recycling Market Ltd, located in Budapest. The company uniquely combines competences in waste managemen and information technologies. The company founders know the international markets for many years. This is the reason for opening the platform now for cross-border trade. The director of Steinbeis Danube Center, Mrs. Ana Turcan, and of STC EAST-WEST Joint Ventures have evaluated Recycling Market in Budapest. The company is highly qualified for doing business with Austrian and German enterprises.