Meeting with Mr. Ciuca, President of the Senate

Paving the Way for Green Energy and Digital Innovation

Senate | Bucharest | 12.10.2023

In a significant move to enhance bilateral relations, Senate’s President Nicolae Ciuca welcomed the parliamentary delegation from Baden-Wuerttemberg led by Mr. Andre Baumann, Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and Energy Sector, to discuss potential collaborative ventures in the areas of environment and energy.

The discussions emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the central and local institutions of the two countries, with a focus on parliamentary diplomacy’s role in shaping the public agenda and contributing to the broader European security context.

A key aspect of the meeting was the shared commitment to elevate environmental protection standards, digitization, and energy innovation, particularly increasing the proportion of renewable energy in national consumption. President of the Senate and of the National Liberal Party, Mr. Ciuca acknowledged Germany’s extensive expertise in promoting green energy and expressed Romania’s intention to learn from their model.

Highlighting the growing German interest in Romania for long time ago already, Mr. Ciuca referenced AE Solar’s substantial investment of one billion euros for a new photovoltaic panel factory in Romania, set to serve markets across Europe.

Mr. Ciuca extended gratitude to the German parliamentarians for their unwavering support of Romania’s ongoing efforts to join the Schengen Space, marking this visit as another milestone in the strong bilateral relations between Romania and Germany.

STC Director Jürgen Raizner took the opportunity to personally thank President Ciuca for his optimistic and proactive stance on future collaborations with Baden-Württemberg, already proven by good collaboration between Steinbeis and deputies Ms. Oana Ozmen and Mr. Florin Alexe

Mr. Ciuca also emphasized the advantages to Danube from strategic point of view. As former military, he understands the importance of Danube Strategy also from security point of view especially in the current context of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.