Our STC extends the scope of services: the Enterprise Competence Check

The entrepreneurial challenges are well-known: increasing pressure from competition, high innovation tempo, use of cross-sector technologies and changes in the labour market. This introduction is too general? We think and work target-oriented. Therefore: you look for success in internationalization.This requires knowlede of your own competences. And it is a must to know how competent your business partners abroad are. We can clarify both for you. Both are different challenges. We have developed two service packages, which we offer to you with pleasure. One focuses on your enterprise. The other one helps you to understand the competences of your potential business partners. Basis is the Enterprise Competence Check (ECC), developed by Steinbeis Germany. 

The Enterprise Competence Check (ECC) is a tool for a holistic analysis of enterprise competences. The Steinbeis Foundation provides this tool to all companies, practitioners and consultants who have an interest in the analysis and development of enterprise competences. It provides a web-based, content-based, methodically-based, and conceptually consistent advice on the topic of company competences. A pool of certified ECC consultants provides users with access to the consulting and management expertise of the Steinbeis network

STC director Jürgen Raizner is certified ECC consultant.

Analyze the company’s competences is based on 120 qualitative indicators. You can use the result to develop strategies and to take measures in collaboration with us. Additionally you can profit from the possibility of industry and regional benchmarks as well as self-assessment and external assessment analysis.