Palais Ghica Victoria

House of Danube | House of Cultural Diplomacy

“We have the palace, you are the king.”

Use the exclusive facilities of the Ghica Victoria Palace in Bucharest for your events or business meetings. Impress your business partners by invitating them to the historic palace. Rooms of different sizes are available and provide the appropriate space for meetings, seminars or discussions.

Address: Nicolae-Iorga-Str. 1, Bucharest – Sector 1 (city center).

The Business Center “House of the Danube” is part of the palace. Jürgen Raizner, managing director of Steinbeis Romania, is manager of the House of Danube. Steinbeis Transfer Management Ltd is located in House of Danube, too. For detailed information on organising your event in Palais Ghica Victoria, please contact us.