IME 2020, Frankfurt:

Invest in Romania

Attractive investment opportunities

It is of very positive sign for international business that Romanian delegations were present at IME 2020 – the biggest platform for facilitating investments from Germany. Romanian entities which understood potential of IME 2020 and dared to travel to Frankfurt were Dambovita County Council and Invest in Bihor. Opportunities promoted consisted of industrial parks and touristic resorts of national interest.

Dambovita County Council and Steinbeis Transfer Management agreed to collaborate in various fields in order to use synergies for regional development. Investment opportunities, presented at IME 2020 are highly attractive, relevant and realistic. Steinbeis is available for further information and for connecting interested institutions with decision makers in Romania.

Romanian Delegation with Bekim Xhafa, organiser of IME

Investment location: Dambovita County, Romania

IME 2020 was a challenge for both organizer and participants considering COVID19 pandemics times. That is why both actions, organizing and participating are  examples of commitment to normality and seeking solutions for business sectors that were affected or are on the way to experience late economic consequences due to pandemics.

Moreover, it is the proof that promoters of investment opportunities which were presented of the event are very committed to take actions necessary for good collaboration with future investors.

Romanian delegation of Dambovita County Council was represented by expert staff of the local municipality as follows:

  • Stefan IONITA – Vicepresident of Technical Commission for Spatial Planning and Urbanism of Dambovita County;
  • Teodor BATE – Cheif-architect of Dambovita County;
  • Mihaela VISAN – Advisor at the Public Relations and External Relations Office of  Dambovita County Council.

From investor`s point of view, this type of commitment to normality coming from public administrations and development agencies is a very positive sign that shows equilibrium of the socio-economic environment and auspices concerning efficiency of future collaborations.

Moreover, besides overcoming the challenge to deal with subject of investments during pandemics times, Romanian delegation proposed as an investment opportunity a tourist resort – Padina Cave – which has been certified as being of national interest. Such certification makes the opportunity presented by Dambovita County Council the most qualified to be analyzed from all the opportunities presented. An investor should take into account the following main aspects/strenghts: side-opportunities resulting from qualification of the area; shown openness of the local municipality to collaborate and facilitate processes related to this opportunity and the business itself as it is envisaged.

It is to be pointed out that Dambovita county is one of the least areas of Romania where industrial and touristic potential are in equilibrium. Targoviste, the capital of the county, is located at 40 min by car from Bucharest, capital of Romania. Land for factories facilities in Bucharest is no longer available, is too expensive or have other destination that make it non-profitable. Example of Arctic, the largest manufacturer of home appliances from continental Europe could be easily followed by other companies. For SMEs and smaller businesses, local municipality offers the opportunity to populate the 3 industrial parks.

Side events:

For our special guests from Dambovita County Council, Steinbeis organised a visit to the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) in Eschborn. Reuniting 9,750 individual and corporate members from small businesses to large enterprises, this association can become a strong partner for bilateral collaboration – and for connecting German enterprises with companies from Dambovita County. Experts from Romanian local municipality,  Teodor Bate and  Mihaela Visan, accompanied by STM director Juergen Raizner visited BME`s heaquarters.

We thank Olaf Holzgreve, head of international Division, for meeting and for discussing Romanian investments opportunities, general strenghts of Dambovita region and b2b collaboration.

It is to be mentioned that STM received more expressions of interest to discuss collaboration with Dambovita County Council. Recently, chairman of Baden-Wuerttemberg State Network Mechatronics (Landesnetzwerk Mechatronik BW), expressed interest to pay a visit into Dambovita region and identify collaboration opportunities for German member companies in his cluster.