Technology Transfer Suceava

Steinbeis visits Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Suceava, 23.09.2020: Meeting to establish next steps of collaboration between Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (USV) and Steinbeis took place in Suceava. This visit to University Suceava is a follow-up according to MoU, signed this summer

Rector of USV and former Romanian minister of education, Valentin Popa, and managing director of Steinbeis Network Romania, Juergen Raizner took the chance to express their strong mutual wish to create a successful collaboration while exchanging the signed MoU in person.

Irina Besliu-Bancescu, PhD in Industrial Engineering and economist, was nominated by both Steinbeis and USV to be director of Steinbeis Transfer Center located at USV. Ms. Besliu-Bancescu has is highly qualified in a plenty of engineering subjects and teaches at USV since 2009. Profile of the new STC will reunite varius expertises available in the university.

Valentin Popa and Juergen Raizner confirm collaboration.
Valentin Popa and Juergen Raizner confirm collaboration.
Rector Valentin Popa, STC director Irina Besliu; STM director Juergen Raizner. Ready for success.
Rector Valentin Popa, STC director Irina Besliu; STM director Juergen Raizner. Ready for success.

We thank USV’s vice-rector for scientific research, Mihai Dimian, for facilitating this collaboration.


Juergen Raizner was accompanied by project manager Roxana Boboruta and both took the chance to participate at USV event on technology transfer what was organized in frame of ongoing Excalibur project (Excellence in advanced research, leadership in innovation and patents for development of the university and region).

Workshop titled ”Technology transfer from university to economic environment in the North-East region” benefitted from contribution of Juergen Raizner who presented Steinbeis technology transfer model and project-work examples. Audience of the event was insured by local companies (food industry, IT, wood processing), representatives of public administration and USV PhDs and professors. Recent examples of technology transfer projects of the university were presented as well as offer of the university and its research infrastructure in general.

One conclusion is that economy could benefit much more from USV as important investments were done in research infrastructure. Not only economy but state and society in general will win.

USV has earned the government tender on SARScov2 sequencing supporting local authorities in successfully managing the COVID19 pandemics. It is to be known that, some time ago, Suceava has been the most affected area of Romania, completely locked down while emergency state was in force. Department from USV and personnel is highly qualified competing with the most important institute from Romania issuing recommendations on pandemics management.