Transilvania Business Meeting

Germany – South Korea – Italy – Romania

From 22.09. to 24.09.2022 Cluj-Napoca was again the centre of international cooperation. The Transylvania Business Meeting was embedded in the conference “Management Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic Reality”. This took place for the 8th time at the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca. While the topics of the conference dealt with the scientific point of view, the entrepreneurs’ meeting focused on the practical adaptation to the changed markets. The main topics were appropriately chosen.

New technologies have to be used. Many things have to be newly developed. Human resources in Germany are very scarce. Engineering competence is particularly available at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Romanian companies – as well as local German companies – are looking for partners. The business meeting brought the right companies together. Jürgen Raizner presented cooperation opportunities from the perspective of potential German investors.


The Steinbeis-Team attended the Business Meeting on site

Jürgen Raizner: German companies are looking for suppliers in Romania

Supply chains are interrupted. The reasons are many and well-known. Solutions must be found – and in the short term. In his presentation, Jürgen Raizner explained that German companies are still interested in suppliers in Romania. And he gave examples: Zinc die-cast parts, components of drive systems, fastening technology. The list could easily be extended: Toolmaking, surface treatment of metal parts, plastic injection moulding and many more. But which companies in Romania come into question as suppliers? Unfortunately, there are only a few at the moment. For years, Romanian industry has concentrated on contract processing. High-quality, sophisticated parts are produced – at attractive prices. But what is produced is what is specified by the foreign client, and capacities are geared precisely to their needs. In Cluj-Napoca, Jürgen Raizner insistently pointed out that Romanian companies are now challenged. Investments are needed in additional production capacities. Companies in Romania can receive state aid to finance their investments. In his speech, Jürgen Raizner expressly welcomed the commitment of Prof. Pisla, Head of the Steinbeis Transfer Centre at the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca. The Transylvania Business Meeting will lead to new cooperations. Then it will also be time to discuss how to increase the number of skilled workers and how to make good use of Romania’s R&D potential.

South Korea

Since Daewoo’s major investment in car production in Craiova, there have been close economic ties between South Korea and Romania. Daewoo is history. Cars are produced in Craiova by Ford. But Korean companies have got it right: from an Asian perspective, Romania is the gateway to the European market. The business activities of Korean companies are correspondingly diverse. Synergies can be exploited. Not only for the Romanian market. What exactly is feasible became apparent at the business meeting.

Main topics:

  • Green Energy
  • Electric aviation
  • Electric Vehicle charging
  • EV batteries
  • Smart grids
  • Data Transfer Management
  • Public Private Partnerships


  • AIMMAIPE (Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises, Attracting Investments and Export Promotion, Craiova)
  • OPEN BRIDGE CONSORTIUM (Consortium aiming to support the development of economic, cultural, tourist, environmental and health activities between Romania and South Korea.
  • Steinbeis Transfer Center EMSEC (Engineering & Management Steinbeis Enterprise in Cluj-Napoca)


If you are interested in getting in touch with the participating companies, please contact us.