nZEB Standards: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Materials

The Steinbeis Team at the Parliamentary Hearing. 4th edition.

22.11.2022, Bucharest: Mrs. Oana-Marciana Özmen, Secretary of the Committee on Industry and Services of the Chamber of Deputies, and Mr. Sandor Bende, Chairman of the Committee, organised the 4th edition of the parliamentary hearing  “nZEB Standards – Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Materials”. Experts from business and research were invited to the parliamentary hearing. The event was also attended by representatives of foreign missions and Romanian officials. As in previous hearings, Jurgen Raizner was invited to contribute with a presentation.

Two extremely important topics were debated at the event:

  1. nZEB/energy efficiency standards, a challenge for EU Member States.
  2. The role of sustainable materials in the energy efficiency of buildings.

Currently, the Romanian government has allocated 2.8 billion € through the PNRR for buildings to be made energy efficient, i.e. 1,500 public buildings or 2,000 blocks of flats. Also through the Ministry of Development more than 1.4 billion RON have been allocated for energy renovation of public and residential buildings, including buildings at seismic risk. More than 12 contracts have been concluded through National Plan for Recovery and Resilience. Only through a pragmatic approach, through sustained and effective policies, by working together with all those responsible, by making use of all good practices, Romania will be able to build sustainably, protecting the environment and ensuring prosperity for its citizens.

His Excellency Dr. Peer Gebauer, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, presented how investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy are encouraged in his country.

Tobias Eisele, representative of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy, gave a comprehensive presentation on promoting energy efficiency in Germany.

Jurgen Raizner first gave an update on the progress of the ongoing EUKI project “EDAPHIC-BLOOM Danube”. A 3-day seminar on the transition to a low-carbon building stock has taken place– with a special focus on the practice of energy renovation. A Sustainable Development Cluster is under construction. Juergen Raizner invited the participants of the hearing to become member of the new cluster. More on EDAPHIC-BLOOM Danube here.

Based on many years of experience in Romania, Jurgen Raizner was particularly keen to emphasise the need for investment in research and development. Government programmes are helpful. But there is an urgent need to mobilise industry. Innovative SMEs are the drivers of economic growth. Raizner explained why some technology transfer models cannot lead to the necessary success. The Steinbeis Network Romania is the right alternative. Making greater use of Steinbeis’ success factors will help to ensure that the National Strategy for Research, Innovation and Smart Specialisation is a success.